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Scientific Linux > Enterprise news > SL 7.4 RC1 x86_64 is now available for testing

Posted by: patriehecky Aug 28 2017, 06:51 PM
Scientific Linux 7.4 RC1 x86_64

These are the notes for the "Release Candidate" of Scientific Linux 7.4



This is for testing. Please report back any issues to


Unless critical issues are reported before Sept 6 2017 this will be
released as Scientific Linux 7.4 on Sept 7 2017.



Major Differences from SL 7.4 BETA


sl-release has been updated to the non-rolling yum repos

cockpit container tools have been moved to the sl-extras repo

libreport has been rebuilt to correctly debrand anaconda crash reports

gnu-efi has been rebuilt to store EFI binaries in the default location

dovecot has been rebuilt against the latest openssl

atlas has been rebuilt to correct AVX instructions


Major Differences from SL 7.3


UEFI Secure Boot Chain
The boot packages (shim, grub2, kernel) are now signed by the
new Scientific Linux Secure Boot key.
If you use UEFI Secure Boot, you MUST import this new key
into your Machine Owner Key database.
If you do not use UEFI Secure Boot, no action is required.

For more information about Scientific Linux and Secure Boot
please review;2776c184.1707

OpenAFS has been updated to version 1.6.21 from

Anaconda User Help
The anaconda user help files are now correctly debranded.
Thanks for the bug report Michael Tiernan!

Firewall fails to apply when using iptables-services
if you use iptables and ip6tables on the same system, systemd
tries to start them at the same time - and one may fail to
Upstream bug:

Users of the EPEL libgpod package may need to run
yum downgrade libgpod
before running yum update

MATE and Cinnamon
We have encountered some display issues with the MATE and
Cinnamon desktops as provided by EPEL-7.
The exact causes are unclear.

Updateinfo release dates are incorrect for some packages
This will be resolved before the official release.

Posted by: patriehecky Sep 15 2017, 02:23 PM

This is a status update on Scientific Linux 7.4.

The Scientific Linux 7.4 Release Candidate was published on August 28 2017. There is a serious bug in the upstream provided iptables and ip6tables services[1] which may result in the firewall being disabled rather than enabled.

The Scientific Linux team considers this to be a release blocking issue.

We are following the upstream bug reports closely and have published a SL bugfix package in the 'sl-testing'[2] repo. If an official fix is not forthcoming soon, we will consider building the SL bugfix package into the release.


Scientific Linux Team



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