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> Know the SLF Crew
 Posted: Apr 12 2011, 11:04 AM
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Retired SLF Administrator

Group: Admins
Posts: 1276
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Joined: 8-April 11

Country: U.S.A.
- 6 years Linux and Photoshop experience;
- Forum Pixel Princess smile.gif

Country: Czech Republic
- 6+ years linux daily bread, before that only hobby - my first distro was Red Hat 5.1 (not RHEL, just the old RH ).
- I work on RHEL (3,4,5) machines, mostly HP servers with aim on general OS support, security, performance tuning together with symantec (veritas) HA server clustering
- aside from Linux, i had also the pleasure to work couple of years on IBM Aix (4x and 5x) and now freshly started with Solaris (ZFS, zoning .. and dtrace rocks smile.gif )
- rhce on rhel 5
- All around Good-Guy wink.gif

Country: U.S.A.
Linux user since 1997 (started with Red Hat, switch to Libranet in 2000). Computer nerd since 1985. Just a couple of programming courses in college; paper terminals in the computer lab. tongue.gif I'm a Certified Public Accountant (Chartered Financial Accountant in UK/OZ) and use SL6 x64 in my practice. I'm self employed and have plenty of time to devote to this forum.
Advanced Linux "User". I've mainly used Debian based distros, occasional Slackware or Fedora but Scientific Linux 6 has me sold! My job is to make sure we have a SL Forum in the first place, i.e. do the administrative 'paperwork' behind the scenes. When I found SL, I couldn't believe that this outstanding distro had no forum, anywhere, devoted to it, on the web. Well, here you go. smile.gif

Country: United Kingdom
- Tired of black box M$ products I eventually gave Linux a proper go about three years ago, and i've scarcely looked up from my screen since.
- I used all the usual distros early on, but then switched to Slackware for a long time before switching to SL.
- After a career as a civil engineer i'm now climbing my way up the IT slippery pole.

Country: U.S.A.
I took my first computer class in 1983. I have served as a Systems Administrator since 1987 with experience using/administrating several types of systems including Unix, POS systems, MS Windows and multiple Linux flavors. My main goal as a Scientific Linux Forum Moderator is to help others solve computer issues and pass along any knowledge I can, as others have done for me. In other words to “Pay it forward”. wink.gif

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"Sometimes the best helping hand you can give is a good, firm push."
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