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Scientific Linux > System administration > Disable desktop + enable audio?

Posted by: erco Jun 7 2018, 09:26 PM
I'm using SciLinux 7, but this is probably a more general question.

Is there a way to disable the desktop without disabling its already working audio capabilities?

So far to disable the desktop I've used: systemctl disable gdm

But when there's no desktop, the console can't play audio (e.g. with aplay), it seems like
there's just a null device.

Is there a way to bring up /just/ the audio subsystem that the desktop enables via the text terminal?

I've tried to understand the audio system in current linux, but it's gotten incredibly complicated.

I want to avoid if possible micro-managing startup with tools like

I'm thinking there's a higher level startup script (systemd/initd?) that I can run to bring up the
already properly configured audio system the desktop stuff uses.

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