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> Posted for testing: Scientific Linux 7.2 x86_64 BETA
 Posted: Jan 6 2016, 06:05 PM
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Scientific Linux 7.2 x86_64 BETA - Jan 6, 2016

== Information ==


NOTE: Please review the SL Release Notes along with
The Upstream Vendor's Release Notes:

There is a great deal of information within those documents not listed here.

Send comments/issues/test reports to:

== Media ==
You can find bootable install images at:

The livecd-iso-to-disk utility is able to convert
DVD images to USB successfully. A USB device of sufficient size is

Alternatively you can utilize the dd command to write the
raw image to a USB device.

== SL Specific Updates ==
.External Repos
With SL 7.2, yum-conf files pointing to non-base SL (such as EPEL, ELRepo,
SL-Extras, SL-SoftwareCollections, ZFS) have moved to a central location.
Since these repos are not specific to individual releases of SL, the
separate location will allow for easier adding and removing of these resources
for any SL7 system.
To load a resource, such as EPEL:
`yum install yum-conf-repos` followed by `yum install yum-conf-epel`.

With SL 7.2 OpenAFS has been updated to version 1.6.16 the latest upstream stable.

.Yum behavior update
Backported patch from upstream for yum fs-vars, per BZ#1281593
Now yum vars set in /etc/yum/vars will be checked even in an
alternate yum-root.
Thanks for the bug report Lincoln Bryant!

.Updates to sl-release
Updated to use the 7.2 pre-release repos

.IPA customizations
The IPA packages have been customized to remove the upstream links to their support services.

.Build Fixes
The curl and mariadb packages were modified to ensure their unit tests for date validation worked after Oct 2015

.SCAP customizations
The SCAP packages have been correctly de-branded.

.Scientific Linux Contexts
SL 7.2 includes initial support for Scientific Linux Contexts which
should allow for ease of creating local customization for specific
computing needs.
For more information on Scientific Linux Contexts:

== Known Bugs ==

== UEFI Secure Boot ==
The status of UEFI Secure Boot for Scientific Linux is noted in detail at:

Booting SL7 with Secure Boot enabled works but requires a manual step.
This is because the "shim" has not been signed by the UEFI CA.
Instructions are included within the SL7 Release Notes.

Pat Riehecky

Scientific Linux developer
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