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> Problem with Epson XP-202, cannot open PPD file
 Posted: Dec 15 2014, 08:43 PM
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On a friend's computer I cannot get the printer working, when it was working well until a few time ago. The printer is an Epson XP-220. This friend cannot tell me what happened exactly, it seems that he did an update and then, the printer stopped working.

I re-installed the last version of drivers, the rpm version from Epson web site, the printer can be automatically installed when connected, but we get an error when trying the test page. The scanner works well. Here is a part of the log :
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] Wrote 1 pages...
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups_get_params(0x9f1814c, 0xbfe03ba0)
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] before gdev_prn_get_params()
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] after gdev_prn_get_params()
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] Leaving cups_get_params()
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups_print_pages(0x9f1814c, 0x2d24e0, 1)
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cupsBitsPerPixel = 24, cupsWidth = 2892, cupsBytesPerLine = 8676, srcbytes = 8676
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cupsWidth = 2892, cupsHeight = 4125, cupsBytesPerLine = 8676
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups->header.Duplex = 0
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups->header.Tumble = 0
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups->page = 1
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cupsPPD = 0x9fc1278
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] cups_print_chunked: xflip = 0, yflip = 0, height = 4125
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] Can't open PPD file.
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] End of messages
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] printer-state=3(idle)
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] printer-state-message="/opt/epson-inkjet-printer-201202w/cups/lib/filter/epson_inkjet_printer_filter failed"
D [14/Dec/2014:17:38:25 +0100] [Job 497] printer-state-reasons=none

Is it a bug in the last version of the driver ? Why do I get this PPD problem when all was working well before ?

 Posted: Dec 16 2014, 09:52 AM
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i'm by no means a CUPS expert, but i'd start with the statement that:

Can't open PPD file.

Does the PPD file has right for reading?
Is it at the correct path where it looks for it?

After installation the ppd file should be available at


for example - my printer that is setup on my laptop has ppd there:


the "RICOH2-SB" is a printer name - upon setting up the printer queue this ppd is created by copying the content of the source ppd of the printer, naming it by printer name and placing it there

check also


this file represents all settings set up for the printer

restart cups when/if you do any changes

service cups restart


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